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Here is a list of sites that relate to dark rides.  If you would like your site included on this list, please forward your URL to us.


D.A.F.E. This is the official website of the "Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiast."  DAFE (pronounced “daffy”), was officially founded on October 31st, 2000 by Rick and Sue Davis of Vienna, OH and Joel Styer of Reading, PA for the appreciation of the old and bygone attractions as well as for enjoyment of the attractions that still exist today.  This site includes several detailed articles about dark rides past and present.
Laff in the Dark This is an excellent web site on defunct and currently operating dark rides.  There are many pictures and an abundance of information on many classic dark rides.  A must, must visit.  
Defunct Amusement Parks This site contains information on defunct amusement parks and rides.  The site is very interesting, but hasn't been updated in several years.
FrightScape This site has a whole section on Brigantine Castle with many pictures.  It also has information on other dark rides and horror attractions.  A very good site.
Funchase This site featuring the thrills and uniqueness of the Wildwoods was created by Ralph Grassi in 2002.  The site includes great sections devoted to the classic Wildwood piers including Hunt's, Morey's, Casino, Sportland, Marine and Fun.  The pages include well written articles and dozens of classic photos.  Grassi has also included articles on other south Jersey attractions, both past and present.  An excellent site!
Anthony's Wildwood Boardwalk Site Anthony Canzano has produced this thorough site devoted to the Wildwood Boardwalk.  Thanks to the George F. Boyer Historical Museum in Wildwood, Anthony was able to include many pictures of classic Wildwood dark rides including great construction pictures of the Skua Pirate Ship and Golden Nugget Mine Shaft from Hunt's pier.  If you want to remember the lost days of Wildwood, you should visit this site.
Zachary Malice & Company This site features an art studio which specializes in hand crafted horror props, necronomicon style books, life size role playing equipment, Devil Dolls and the unusual.  What you need to check out on the site is the "Haunted Mansion dedication."  In this section of the website, they include dedications to the Haunted Mansion at Long Branch, Brigantine Castle, and Castle Dracula of Wildwood.  The dedication to the Haunted Mansion is the most impressive because it includes nice descriptions of several of the rooms.  There are also original pictures of all three attractions on this site.  Check it out!
Marksman Entertainment This website is run by Scott Hand and Diana Pooler.  Together, they produce documentaries on amusement piers and people related to amusement industry.
Ride Accidents The world's most comprehensive source of amusement ride accident reports and related news.  This site contains information on accidents dating back to the early 70s from around the world.  A very useful and impressive resource.
Haunted Attraction Magazine This website contains other articles from Haunted Attraction Magazine, "The premier publication for the dark amusement industry."  The articles contain great information about dark rides, a must visit site! 
Castle Dracula Website This site is devoted to the now defunct Castle Dracula of Wildwood, NJ.  Alan Shoesmith, former manager of the castle, created this site in 1999.  It  contains many pictures of the castle and the actors over its many years of operation.
Chuck's Dark Rides This site has pictures of the Disney Haunted Mansions and many Wildwood dark rides.  There are several good pictures of old Hunt's Pier attractions including the Pirate Ship, Wacky Shack, and Mine Shaft.  You have to be patient when viewing this site because most of the content is on two pages and they take a while to load. 
The Roller Coaster Database This site, which was started by Duane Marden in 1996, is the authority for information about roller coasters past and present.  The rcdb is a comprehensive, searchable database with information and statistics on over 1700 roller coasters throughout the world.  There are also loads of great pictures of the coasters.  You can't help but be impressed with how thorough this site is.  The site is also a good source for information on dark rides that are considered roller coasters, such as the Mine Shaft in Wildwood, NJ. 
The Haunted House This nicely designed website is devoted to Trimper Amusement's Haunted House in Ocean City, MD.  Built by the late Bill Tracy in 1962, this impressive dark ride still exists today with many of its original stunts.  The website was created by Brandon Seidl in 2007.









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