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Castle Dracula


Castle Dracula, or Dracula's Castle as it was known to some, was a walk-through dark ride located on the boardwalk in Wildwood, NJ.  Unlike our other dark ride web sites, this site focuses only on the castle structure rather than the employees or patrons.  If you would like to see pictures of castle employees or read memorial stories about the castle, you should visit Alan Shoesmith's Castle Dracula Website.  

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[castle dracula dvd]


If you enjoy this website, you will really enjoy the Castle Dracula DVD that we produced and are selling for $30, which includes shipping.  The DVD has 5 parts to it: The Castle Walk Through, The Dungeon Boat Ride, Behind The Scenes Photos, The Fire News Reports, and The Fire Aftermath.  The DVD includes videos and dozens of original photographs (many of which are not included on our web page) of the castle, inside and out.  We've included every photo and video we have of the castle in this DVD.  We're sure that watching this DVD is the best way to relive the Castle Dracula experience.  Just drop us an email if you would like to buy a copy.  






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