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This section of the site features miscellaneous pictures of Haunted Mansion memorabilia and other related items.  If you have any pictures of items related to the Haunted Mansion in any way, please email them to us.


[long branch haunted mansion tickets]

This scan of the Long Branch Haunted Mansion tickets was sent to us by Barragonis Wreap.

This Haunted Mansion t-shirt was purchased by Jay Braun on his first visit to the mansion at the young age of 6.  He has managed to hold onto it for all these years.
Here is another example of a Haunted Mansion t-shirt.  This one was purchased by Christopher Cerillo back in 1977.  The shirt shop put his name on it when he purchased it.  

Pat Cicalese, former Long Branch Pier owner, still has one of the Kid's World signs attached to the deck of his swimming pool.

[Kid's World Directory]

Pat Cicalese allowed us to scan one of his Kid's World directories from 1987.  This shows how the pier was arranged during the Kid's World years.  Click on the directory to see a larger image.

[haunted mansion envelope]

This copy of a Haunted Mansion envelope was provided by Barragonis Wreap and Janice Dixon.  These envelopes were used by the Mansion management to send correspondences to actors and employees.  Click on the envelope to see a larger image.

This article from the Atlanticville newspaper was published in October of 1994.  It was written by Carlo Durland, a former Haunted Mansion worker.  Carlo describes his fond memories of the Haunted Mansion during the mid-80s.  This copy of the article was sent to us from Barragonis Wreap.  Click on the article to see a larger image.

This souvenir mirror hung in the bathroom of the Pollin family for many years.  We would like to thank James Pollin for sending us this picture. 


Long Branch Haunted Mansion Coloring Book

In 1979, a Haunted Mansion coloring book was produced as a souvenir keepsake.  The pictures in the coloring book depicted the various scenes in the Haunted Mansion at that time.  The book is truly a classic because the pictures in it are so grotesque that it would never be accepted in today's politically correct world.  Pat Cicalese allowed us to scan his copy of the Haunted Mansion coloring book.  Click on one of the thumbnails below to take a closer look.







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